Discover the Power of Earth Energy Dowsing: A Journey into Geomantic Mastery

This online Earth Energy Dowsing course provides a robust grounding in Geomantic theory and practice, teaching you to interpret and interact with the landscape.

You'll emerge with the ability to connect with the subtle realms which will deepen your understanding of the energies around you and give you the skills to nurture your home, family, friends, clients, beings from other realms, and even the planet itself.

It will open up a vast and varied arena for you to apply your own special talents to this important work. The self-paced course includes videos, comprehensive notes, quizzes, and practical exercises. You will also have access to our support team and the vibrant Sacred Spaces community, where you can ask questions, and share insights and experiences.

Rumi once said, "Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." 

Immerse yourself in this online training and discover how to cherish the earth through a geomancer's expertise.

Earth Energy Dowsing is suitable for earth lovers and spirit workers ...

For earth enthusiasts and healing professionals, this course is your gateway to integrating land healing into your professional life. Enhance your career with this transformative approach to environmental care. If you treasure your connection with Gaia and are seeking to enliven your career with meaningful and powerful services, this training is ideal for you.

  • Beginners to Geomancy with an interest in the earth based magical and ritual modalities

  • People practising allied modalities wishing to broaden their skill set ... Such as healers, feng shui practitioners, landscape and interior designers, architects, artists and agriculturists

  • Practitioners of healing therapies aware that their patients are living in compromised environmental energies

  • Those attracted to working with and improving the quality of earthly living and the subtle realms

  • Those ready to embark on a practical program of learning that equips you with life changing skills

Course Curriculum

Through the Veil: Exploring Earth Energy Dowsing

    1. Welcome

    2. Welcome ~ An Orientation

    1. Why do we Dowse - a gateway to other dimensions

    2. What to Dowse - applications and uses

    3. When it Began - a brief history

    4. CHAPTER NOTES - The Why, What and When - Putting It Into Perspective

    5. The Why, What and When Quiz

    1. Theories - is it magic?

    2. States of Awareness - feeling the vibes

    3. CHAPTER NOTES - How does it Work - Nobody really knows

    4. How Does it Work Quiz

    1. Genius Loci - Spirit of Place

    2. Protection - keeping you safe

    3. How to Dowse - surfing the cosmic information field

    4. CHAPTER NOTES - Dowsing Protocols - Ways and Means

    5. Dowsing Protocol Quiz

    6. EXERCISES - Dowsing Protocols

    1. Finding Your Tool ~ what works for you

    2. The Pendulum - A string and a weight

    3. Y - Rods - A Forked Stick

    4. L - Rods - The geomancer's tool of choice

    5. Bobbers - Nodding Along

    6. Deviceless - Fingers, Twitches and Blinks

    7. CHAPTER NOTES - Tools and Methods - the means

    8. Tools and Methods Quiz

    9. EXERCISES - Tools and Methods

    1. Field Dowsing - surveying the land

    2. Remote Dowsing - also called distance

    3. Distance Dowsing - also called remote

    4. Map Dowsing - seen from afar

    5. Chart Dowsing - quantifying

    6. The Past and Future - tapping into the records

    7. Ethics & Boundaries - how far do we go?

    8. CHAPTER NOTES - Mastery - The Application

    9. Mastery of Dowsing Quiz

    10. EXERCISES - Mastery of Dowsing

Earth Energy Dowsing

  • £830.00
  • 94 lessons
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Explore the Benefits of Earth Energy Dowsing

Discover How Our Online Course Can Elevate Your Geomantic Skills and Environmental Awareness

  • Foundation in Geomantic Practices

    Gain a solid grounding in geomantic principles and dowsing, with a focus on understanding and interacting with Earth's energy fields.

  • Expert Guidance

    Benefit from the expertise of seasoned geomancers Richard and Jewels, who provide in-depth insights and personalised advice throughout the course.

  • Flexible Learning

    Study at your own pace and schedule, which is perfect for accommodating any lifestyle or commitments.

  • Hands-On Learning

    Engage in practical exercises and dowsing assignments that reinforce theoretical knowledge, allowing you to apply what you've learned in real-world settings.

  • Certificate

    Earn certification upon completion, which will bolster your credentials and aid you across various Geomancy platforms and societies, enabling you to engage and promote yourself, and to enhance your professional credentials in the field.

  • Sacred Spaces

    Join a spirited community of like-minded individuals in the "Sacred Spaces" Community, elevating your learning experience through discussions and shared experiences and supporting you along the way.

  • Ongoing Access to Resources

    Enjoy continued access to course materials, allowing you to revisit lessons and deepen your understanding.

  • Empowerment through Knowledge and Connection

    Empower yourself with the knowledge to make significant changes to the energetic health of environments, benefiting both people and nature.

  • Holistic Approach

    Learn to integrate spiritual, environmental, and scientific aspects of geomancy, promoting a holistic approach to interacting with the natural world.


The Earth Energy Dowsing Course
is conducted by

Richard and Jewels are the guiding lights of the Geomancy training and the Sacred Spaces community. With their deep-rooted passion for geomancy and extensive knowledge of Earth Energy Dowsing, they bring a rich blend of wisdom and practical guidance to all their teachings. 

They are veterans in this field, with 40 years of experience in teaching and consulting. Yet, they are homegrown and homespun with no pretensions, just a true commitment to learning and practicality, providing great value without unnecessary frills. They strive to empower students to unlock their own potential in this transformative field, guiding them to forge meaningful connections with and significantly influence the natural and energetic landscapes that surround them.

Together, they provide a comprehensive approach to learning, where ancient wisdom meets modern practice. Their dynamic teaching style not only equips you with the skills to practice geomancy effectively but also inspires a profound appreciation for the subtle energies that influence our environment. 

Join them for a transformative journey into the depths of geomancy, supported by their expert mentorship and the vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts they foster. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal space or pursue a professional path in geomancy, Richard and Jewels are here to guide you every step of the way.

You can read more about their work at
Land and Spirit

More About Richard & Jewels

Payment Plans

We offer three pricing options to suit your money flow. You'll get the best value from paying our regular price. Plus only the regular price is eligible for discount coupons that we make available from time to time.


  • Why study with us?

    By choosing to study with us, you are selecting a course that is not only rich in content but also supportive, flexible, and deeply transformative. We have specifically designed our course to focus on the essential skills you need as a Geomancer for earth reading, without unnecessary frills that take up your time and money. We recognise that students drawn to this work are often sophisticated in their abilities and familiar with many of the rituals and processes involved. These skills are easily transferable from other esoteric practices, so we don't waste your time with hours of video on basic rituals like lighting a candle or making a blessing. We assume you either already possess these skills or can pick them up readily. This approach makes our course focused and directed, respecting your power and expertise in these processes. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal goals and develop your unique way of working, enabling you to harness the full potential of geomantic work.

  • How long will the course take to complete?

    Being a self-paced course, you can take as little or as much time as you need. There are 90 lessons, including over seven hours of video instruction, along with detailed notes, quizzes, and exercises for you to work through at your own pace. The real learning in this type of work comes with experience. You will build a personal library of connections with the subtle realms, understanding how different earth energies resonate with you. The basic precepts are easy to learn, but we provide you with an understanding of how to weigh your experiences and apply your new geomantic talents most effectively. While you could complete the course content in a month or so, the journey of connecting with and refining your skills will continue throughout your life. We are, of course, here to support and guide you whenever you need assistance.

  • What materials or tools will I need?

    The only equipment you will need is a dowsing device of your choice. We cover the various dowsing tools during the course, explaining where each instrument is best suited. Dowsing tools are readily available online and are also easy to make yourself.

  • What if I have questions, will Richard and Jewels be around to answer them?

    Richard and Jewels are just a message away—whether through the Sacred Spaces Community, email, or phone. Don’t hesitate to ask; every question enriches our collective learning.

  • Who is the governing body for Geomancy?

    There is no national or global body for Geomancy. It is totally unregulated and as such there is no recognised international certification. You are free to practice where ever you like.

  • What will certification give me?

    For those aspiring to practice geomancy professionally, it's advisable to consider securing insurance and obtaining membership in a recognised society like the British Society of Dowsers, which maintains professional registers. Achieving certification with us can significantly bolster your qualifications and aid in gaining such memberships. Geomancy remains an unregulated field, allowing anyone to identify as a geomancer, with or without certification. However, what truly matters is your authentic connection to the craft and your confidence in your skills. This foundation not only enhances your practice but also builds trust and credibility in your professional capabilities.

  • What should I look for in Geomantic training?

    Geomancy, an ancient practice of reading and engaging with the environment, has roots in diverse cultures intimately connected to the earth. While it may seem predominantly European, geomantic practices are actually a rich tapestry of eclectic skills and traditions. Navigating the wide-ranging nature of geomancy can feel overwhelming, and this is where experienced guides are essential. Our teachers, Richard and Jewels, bring authenticity to their geomantic practices, drawing from extensive experiences living, travelling, and working across the globe. In addition to being accomplished Feng Shui masters, they have many decades of professional geomantic consultations under their belts. They offer teachings infused with both practicality and integrity. When seeking geomantic training, choose inspiring teachers who provide a true connection to the land and a wealth of practical experience.

Do you want to understand and work with subtle energies?

This course will open a portal into the Geomantic Universe. Step through and you will be rewarded with life-changing skills that you can use for yourself, friends and clients.

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